The Famous Brand Vlone History?

Vlone History is the popular streetwear brand founded by Kamoni Chandler and ASAP Bari of rap collective ASAP Mob. ASAP Bari also known as Jabari Shelton and Young Lord joined hands with Chandler to create merchandise following the success of fellow members from ASAP Mob(most noticeably ASAP Rocky). In these passing years, many members have joined and left this brand following different controversies. This blog post is all about the creation, history and journey of Vlone brand.lets know about vlone history in deep

Founder Of Vlone

ASAP Bari co-founded the streetwear fashion label Vlone along with Kamoni Chandler in 2011. Later on, following the initial down fall of the brand Chandler left it and ASAP Bari took over the brand. He then added fellow members ASAP Rocky and CLOT founder Edison Chen in the brand to make it a clothing merchandise. Afterwards, Playboy Carti and Ian Connor also joined the crew members of Vlone Brand. So, Vlone was collectively owned and runed by ASAP Bari, ASAP Rocky, Playboy Carti, Edison Chen and Ian Connor.

History Of Vlone

Vlone co- founders ASAP Bari, ASAP Rocky, Playboy Carti and Edison Chen started working on the brand and took this merchandise to another lever by 2013. All these members promoted the brand by adaptation into their rap videos and concerts. People get to know more about this streetwear merchandise through Music concerts and tours. The brand becomes more popular when the well- known fashion designer Ian Connor joined the crew. Ian Connor put his intellectual ideas of imprinting the texture and logos into the brand which brought new light to Vlone. This idea of new style of imprinting greatly impressed the fellow members and they all agreed on working it.

Vlone made news for its unique and versatile styling and imprinting in the market. It started imprinting the Vlone Logo in various fonts, styles and sometime with some patterns on the apparels like tees, shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and other accessories. Vlone brought Music into fashion and this introduced new fashion statement apparels in the fashion world. In 2017, Vlone took part in Paris Fashion Week and showcased their latest versatile collection. This was another step to the success of Vlone.

Collaborations Made By Vlone

Vlone has made many collaborations with brands and music artists. Vlone collaborated with Juice Wrld and this collection of Juice Wrld x Vlone was the highly demanded merchandise of that time. Vlone collaboration with Nike was also the most talked in town. Vlone premium sneakers were released as a result of this Collaboration.  Other collaborations made by Vlone include collaborations with Pop Smoke, Nav, The Weekend and Young boy never broke again. Among artists, Vlone collaborated with Kanye West merchandise. This was another big hit by Vlone.


Vlone has faced backlash and hatred due to the actions of ASAP Bari. But in 2022 when Bari was accused of rape attempt, he was fired from Vlone. It was declared by the official Instagram account of Vlone that ASAP Bari aka Jabari Shelton is no longer a part of it.

Vlone Hoodie Logo is a well-known logo in the history of streetwear fashion. This logo carries deep meaning behind it. According to the creators of Vlone, the V logo stands for “Live alone and Die alone”. This is the universal truth and somehow it is ironical too. We all come alone in this life and we all are going to die alone. No matter how many friends or family members we have got to live with, in the end we are the one to deal with life. So, V logo reminds us to be better in doing so and enjoy every moment of life as hardships and struggles are part of it. The V logo is imprinted in a stylish and big font on the apparels like tees, blazers, jackets, hoodies and other merch items. Shop any of your desired merch item at this official and authorized Vlone store and rock your style.

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