Who is ASAP Bari? The Founder of Vlone

When we Hear About Brand Vlone a question appears in our mind who the founder of Vlone and and Who is Asap Bari. ASAP Bari also known as Jabari Shelton is a famous American fashion designer and businessperson. He is also known as Young Lord. He was born December 23, 1991 in Harlem, New York city. He is the co-founder of New York popular Hip Hop group ASAP Mob. He co- founded this in 2006 along with ASAP Illz, ASAP Kham and ASAP Yams. He is also known as the founder of luxurious streetwear brand Vlone. He has played vital role in bringing spotlight to the fashion label brand. He has also been featured for his streetwear style in the Young leaders of style article in 2012.

What is age and real name of ASAP Bari?

Jabari Shelton is the real name of ASAP Bari. He is also known as Young lord. ASAP Bari is 31 years old and he will be turning 32 in the coming December.


ASAP Bari is a fashion designer and entrepreneur who has been successfully running his brand Vlone. ASAP Bari himself doesn’t rap but he brings best to his hip hop group by collaborating with other individuals. Let’s have a look into the successive role of ASAP Bari in two of his most valued things, ASAP Mob and Vlone.

Co-Founder Of ASAP Mob

Jabari Shelton founded this rape collective ASAP Mob in 2006 along with ASAP Yams, ASAP Kham and ASAP Illz. “Always strive and prosper” is the what ASAP stands for. He is not a rapper himself but he performs duty of interacting with individuals and network for the well being of rap collective ASAP Mob. Shelton was the one who apparently introduced ASAP Yams to ASAP Rocky. Bari got influenced from Sean Combs and Dame Dash while the creation of this rap collective ASAP Mob.

Co-founder of Vlone

Following the huge success of the rap collective fellow members, ASAP Bari and ASAP K also known as Kamoni Chandler co- founded the streetwear fashion brand Vlone. To live alone and to die alone is the motto behind this Brand name. They founded the Vlone brand in the streets of Harlem, a city in New York. Harlem which is well known in the world for its role of bringing the traditional and modern fashion together to the fashion world, becomes the origin of Vlone. Shelton who has already worked on the tour merchandise of ASAP Rocky collaborated with chandler for his brand. Facing the initial fall, chandler left the label and Bari took over.

Vlone Collaboration

ASAP Bari then took members from his rap collective ASAP Mob. ASAP Rocky, Edison Chen and Playboy Carti joined hands to run Vlone. CLOT founder Edison Chen played a vital role in upbringing the design work of the label. The Brand grows unexpectedly large when Ian Connor joined the crew. He brought the new style of texture imprinting and logos on the brand apparels like hoodies, shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits and other accessories. The whole group members made their efforts during their concerts and shows to bring Vlone to the limelight. Finally, their efforts paid off and young generation wearing Vlone logo outfits during the concerts was the loveliest thing to witness. Vlone released its first official merch collection in 2014. In 2017, Vlone collaborated with Nike and released a good collection of Vlone premium quality sneakers.  Vlone has also made successive collaborations with other labels such as Juice Wrld, Young boy never broke again, Nav, Pop smoke and the Weekend. Vlone has also collaborated with the famous rapper Kanye West and released a super cool merch collection. If you want to shop any Vlone merch apparel, must visit this Vlone online merch shop that has wide selections of merch apparels for Vlone fans.


SO we have learnt from this blog who is asap bari and how he Created Vlone Brand with Asap Rocky to revolutionize the streetwear clothing

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